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Luach - the complete Integrated Jewish Calendar for PalmOS - now with integration on Palm OS 5! Luach optionally replaces the standard Day Selector with an Integrated Jewish Calendar, from which you can: 1)See graphical indications of Jewish Holidays and User Events, 2) See the Jewish Date for the selected date - displayed in English or Hebrew, 3) See Jewish Holidays & Rosh Hodesh occurring on the selected date, 4) See Zmanim for the selected date for any city in the world, 5) See the Parshat HaShavua (Weekly Torah portion), Candle Lighting time, and Special Shabbat - for any Shabbat, 6) See the Counting of the Omer when relevant,7) Swap the Secular Calendar view with a Jewish Calendar View. In addition, you can insert Jewish dates, Holidays, Rosh Hodesh and User Events, right into your built-in Datebook application, and you can define; yahrzeits, birthdays, and anniversaries based on their Jewish dates. Luach is free for registered users of Penticon's Hebrew Support+ and Hebrew Lite. For additional information, and installation instructions see the Luach web page.
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